Serie 1: Somatic approaches and artistic creation

DVD 1: This DVD is the first in the series “Approches Somatiques et Création Artistique” in a collection created by REM on somatic approaches and their different artistic applications.


DIRECTOR Lila Greene FILMMAKER Gabriele Sparwasser TRANSLATIONS Denise Luccioni, Lila Greene

Beginning with an overall presentation of somatic research by Sylvie Fortin, professeur in the Dance Department at the University of Quebec in Montreal, are then presented:
Alexander Technique, with Elisabeth Walker and Lucia Walker, Suzon Holzer
• the Feldenkrais Method, with Ruthy Alon, Serge Ricci
Laban‐Bartenieff, with Kedzie Penfield, Martha Moore
Body Mind Centering, with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Yann Lheureux
Continuum, with Emilie Conrad, Linda Rabin
AFCMD (Analyse Fonctionnelle du Corps dans le Mouvement Dansé) with Odile Rouquet and Olivier Lefrançois, and Nathalie Schulmann and Alban Richard

Subtitles Linda Daigle; Yves Garnier – Imagine
Graphic Design Mary Bucci McCoy

127 min
Subtitles: English or French

Extract from the DVD «Somatic approaches to movement»

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