Serie 2: Somatic approaches applied to artistic movement in technical training

DVD 2: This DVD presents the movement analysis system "AFCMD" (Functional Analysis of the Body in Danced Movement) as applied to the the teaching of Peter Goss. Contemporary dance calls for specific postural responses which can be resolved by a diversity of supports. Here, we see students of the National Superior Conservatory of Musique and Dance in Paris explore the supports which are necessary to find the movement quality inherent in Peter Goss’s dance. The themes adressed are those of the weight of the head, the balance point of the 8th thoracic vertebra, the thymus, and the transmission of forces into the ground.

A scientific point of view completes the exploration in two bonuses. In the first, Philippe Campignon, specialist of the "GDS méthode", explains the structure of the spine in relation to T8 and phases of childhood development. In the second, Damien Schoëvaërt, biologist, speaks of the thymus and the immune system.

Extract from the DVD «La diversité des appuis dans la danse contemporaine de Peter Goss»

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