Serie 2 : Somatic approaches applied to artistic movement in technical training

DVD 3 : Breathing and movement

Aesthetic choices and posture :
Their influence on breathing

Breathing is the fundamental act of life. Everyone breathes but each his own way. When breathing and gesture are coordinated, breath creates a unique expression.

Guy Cornut, a voice specialist, brings us into the intimacy of this world with exceptional x-ray images of the diaphragm taken during singing sessions. Philippe Campignion, a physical therapist, explains anatomical movement with images in 3D. Artists, both dancers and musicians, explain how specific breathing effects their art and performance.

With Xavier Rachet : trombone
Béatrice Massin : baroque dance
Christophe Jeannot : Graham dance
François Chaignaud, Suzanne Bodak : Malkovsky’s dance
Noëlle Simonet : Humphrey/Limon’s dance
Bertha Bermudez : Emio Greco’s dance
Kitsou Dubois : underwater dance
Compagnie Chaignaud/Bengolea : dance under duress

Somatic technics
Marie France Rouyer : Feldenkrais
Odile Rouquet : AFCMD Analyse du corps dans le mouvement dansé

Graphic Design Mary Bucci McCoy

DVD PAL all zones
1h 33 min.
Subtitles in English/French


The encounters and the main ideas that led to the making of this DVD.

The Encounters

At first, I thought I would call this DVD « the diaphragm, soul of the belly »...
From reading Boris Dolto quoting Groddeck, I’d always had the intuition that the diaphragm could be a source of incredible power. Then I met Guy Cornut who showed me the x-rays of the diaphragm in movement that he had taken with his wife Annie Trolliet. The diaphragm was revealed in its most intimate being. These images inspired me to make this DVD.

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Extract from the DVD « Breathing and movement »

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