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    The encounters and the main ideas that led to the making of this DVD

    The Encounters
    At first, I thought I would call this DVD « the diaphragm, soul of the belly »... From reading Boris Dolto quoting Groddeck, I’d always had the intuition that the diaphragm could be a source of incredible power. Then I met Guy Cornut who showed me the x‐rays of the diaphragm in movement that he had taken with his wife Annie Trolliet. The diaphragm was revealed in its most intimate being. These images inspired me to make this DVD.

    « The dynamics of the diaphragm exposed »
    In these images, the diaphragm appears « like a flying carpet orchestrating aerial ventilation or becoming the solid dome that compresses the organs. » « This moving frontier between two worlds: breathing and organs » undulates like a jellyfish in water. When we breath in, the center of the diaphragm goes down in the direction of the lower ribs; these then open laterally while drawn towards the center of the dome. When exhaling, the process is reversed.