Gesture in creation (Le Geste créateur)

© Cnsmdp 2008,
Produced by Odile Rouquet & Marie-Hélène Rebois.
(duration : 54 min + 22 min bonus)
French and English
20 €

Odile Rouquet teaches Analysis of the Body in Dance Movement at the National Conservatory for Music and Dance.
In this film, we follow Odile Rouquet’s work at the Conservatory where she helps dancers master the principles of equilibrium and dynamics that shape movement. The film shows how dancers internalize these objective principles and combine them in different ways to express an infinite variety of emotions, so that each gesture can become a creative gesture.

In the bonus, Odile Rouquet helps the students of Benesh and Laban notation enhance their understanding of dance movement to enable them to convey as accurately as possible the style of each choreographer.

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